Truth in Stone is shelved for now

Our campaign for funds for our short film Truth in Stone was not getting any traction, so we have shelved it for now. Hopefully we can return to this soon for another go around with funding. We are still very excited to bring this period piece to the screen.


Kicking Off Again

After taking a year off to do life things, we are finally firing up the engine on things. Bravo for the B-side podcast is still in hiatus so that we can make time to branch into filmmaking. We loved doing the podcast, but we need time to write and also get things moving on our first professional short film. We hope we can find the time to bring the podcast back and add more folks to our long list of excellent friends we’ve met along the way.

Pretty soon we will be kicking off a campaign for fundraising for Truth in Stone, a short film. Time is also going to be spent finishing up Quarantine Rex, our fun messing around short shot during quarantine. It’s nearly done, just need some ADR and a little foley work.

We are glad to be back at it. We hope you all ride along with us as we take the next step in our little company.